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Graph Paper - Free printable graph paper

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Graph Paper - Free printable graph paper

Graph Paper - Free printable graph paper

Create and print colorful graph paper online for free. At Custom Graph™ its easy to create and print graph paper & overhead slides. Choose color combinations, and create linear, log or semi-logarithmic graph sheets in metric, centimeter, millimeter, or inch grid sizes. PDF output is printable on paper or overhead slides in letter, legal, A3, A4, and A5 sizes in portrait or landscape.

Semi-Log Graph Paper:

The distinguishing characteristics for Semi-Log graphing sheets is that the grid along one of the axes is linier and the grid along the other axis is logarithmic. There are choices of having the logarithmic grid run along the Vertical or Horizontal Axes. For the linier grid, chooses are the same that you had for linier grid graphing sheets, and in addition to those choices, the logarithmic axis has three additional option sets to choose from. Choose from 1 to 12 cycles, logarithmic bases from 2 to 16, and the direction of the logarithmic grid. The most common base choice is base 10 for such thing as sound volume, the hardness of materials, the strength of an earth quake, etc.              Introduction / Instructions