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Remove permanent ink or relabel something that has been marked with permanent ink.

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Permanent Ink Removal

There is a little trick that I saw my 11 year old do that allowed him to remove the ink of a Sharpie Pin from a fairly slick surface. Since the ink is considered permanent it is at least difficult to remove from most surfaces, however, with his technique it can be easily and completely removed from non-absorbent surfaces. The trick my son used included the use of a dry erase marker. He used the dry erase marker to retrace heavily over the permanent ink. The dry erase marker has solvents that dissolved the Sharpie ink and the ink in the dry erase marker diluted and suspended the permanent ink. When the dry erase ink dried, it was easily wiped away with a dry cloth. It appears that it can be wiped away with the dry erase ink still wet as well although it seemed a little sticky.

The result; not a trace of the Permanent ink was left on the surface. This is likely to only work on surfaces that are non-porous and where dry erase ink will normally erase fairly easily. This includes many plastics, metals, glass, non-porous ceramics, and some non-porous or glossy painted surfaces. Be careful with important surfaces. Always do a test on a non-important, non-visible, or scrap piece of surface before using this method on important or visible surfaces as it may not always work. It is better to be safe than sorry and know whether it will work or not on an important surfaces.

So, if you are ever likely to need to erase permanent ink, keep a dry erase marker on hand.