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Joe Biden on the Flu Epidemic

When ask if he would go to public places, Joe Biden answered that he would not.  He explained that he didn’t think he would be safe in close public places such as planes, trains, or buses.  He felt that anyone that was sick on a plane would likely spread the virus to the air which would then be circulated throughout the cabin of an aircraft or other public transport vehicle.  Later in the day he was blasted for his comments from all that could get through to his office, city officials, bus services, airlines, and many others. 

One thing you can count on with Joe Biden is that he is frank and honest.  When answering questions that are related to his opinion he often answers without thinking his response through.  Think about this point for a minute.  When ask a question that seemed logical, non-political, and on the minds of the public, Joe gave his opinion without thinking beyond the topic at hand, and you likely got his most honest opinion.

Take a look at the where the out lash came from concerning his statements.  It came from political and business leaders that could be negatively affected by his comments if the public follows his advice.  Joe gave an honest opinion about safety and the actions he felt would be in the best interest of anyone trying to stay out of the way of the oncoming pandemic.  Those that complained wanted the answer from Joe to be a careful misrepresentation of his outlook on his thoughts about your safety.  It doesn’t look like those that criticized his response are thinking much about whether or not you and your family are going to survive the pandemic.  They appear to be looking more at how to minimize the financial impact on business, and the flow of money from those who frequently travel by air, bus, or train. 

Certainly now is not the time to close one’s self off from normal life, but when and if the epidemic begins to spread, it will be best to protect yourself and your family as best you can. 

The attacks on Biden worry me since it indicates that those who are carefully contemplating our fates might be tempted to withhold the timeliness of vital information to the public.  We can just hope that the authorities do the public justice and are candid about the facts as they develop.

I’m sure the news industry will be carefully watching and investigating the situation very closely, and I believe we will be informed.

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