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Create and print colorful graph paper online for free. At Custom Graph™ its easy to create and print graph paper & overhead slides. Choose color combinations, and create linear, log or semi-logarithmic graph sheets in millimeter or inch grid sizes. PDF output is printable on paper or overhead slides in Letter, Legal, A3, A4, and A5 sizes in Portrait or Landscape, Square or Full Size.

  Engineering Graph Paper

  Linear Cartesian Graph Paper

  Semi Logarithic Graph Paper
  Blue Rec 1 Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 2 Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 3 Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 4 Log Port Letter
  Blue Rec 1 Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 2 Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 3 Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 4 Log Port Legal
  Blue Rec 1 Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 2 Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 3 Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 4 Log Port A3
  Blue Rec 1 Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 2 Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 3 Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 4 Log Port A4
  Blue Rec 1 Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 2 Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 3 Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 4 Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 1 Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 2 Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 3 Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 4 Log Port Letter
  Blue SQ 1 Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 2 Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 3 Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 4 Log Port Legal
  Blue SQ 1 Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 2 Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 3 Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 4 Log Port A3
  Blue SQ 1 Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 2 Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 3 Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 4 Log Port A4
  Blue SQ 1 Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 2 Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 3 Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Port A5
  Blue SQ 4 Log Port A5
  Blue Rec 1 Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 2 Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 3 Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 4 Log Land Letter
  Blue Rec 1 Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 2 Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 3 Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 4 Log Land Legal
  Blue Rec 1 Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 2 Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 3 Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 4 Log Land A3
  Blue Rec 1 Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 2 Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 3 Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 4 Log Land A4
  Blue Rec 1 Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 2V1H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 3V1H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 4V1H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 1V2H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 2 Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 3V2H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 4V2H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 1V3H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 2V3H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 3 Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 4V3H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 1V4H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 2V4H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 3V4H Log Land A5
  Blue Rec 4 Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 1 Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 2 Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 3 Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 4 Log Land Letter
  Blue SQ 1 Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 2 Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 3 Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 4 Log Land Legal
  Blue SQ 1 Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 2 Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 3 Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 4 Log Land A3
  Blue SQ 1 Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 2 Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 3 Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 4 Log Land A4
  Blue SQ 1 Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 2V1H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 3V1H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 4V1H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 1V2H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 2 Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 3V2H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 4V2H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 1V3H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 2V3H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 3 Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 4V3H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 1V4H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 2V4H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 3V4H Log Land A5
  Blue SQ 4 Log Land A5

Custom Graph Paper

Create and print colorful graph paper online for free. At Custom Graph™ its easy to create and print graph paper & overhead slides. Choose color combinations, and create linear, log or semi-logarithmic graph sheets in metric, centimeter, millimeter, or inch grid sizes. PDF output is printable on paper or overhead slides in letter, legal, A3, A4, and A5 sizes in portrait or landscape.

Cartesian Graph Paper:

Cartesian Graph Paper is the simplest and most common graph paper in use today. It's most distinguishing feature is that it has a uniform square grid made of intersecting perpendicular lines. You can adjust your graph sheets with two settings for units of measure, choose from eight different primary colors, and a grid size ranging from 1 to 25 lines per inch or a grid with lines separated from 1 to 25 millimeters.

Engineering Graph Paper:

Engineering Graph Paper differs from Cartesian Graph Paper in that it has a multiple width grids. There is a selection of two different grid settings, the primary grid and a second sub increment grid size with the first grid setting being for the wider of the two differing width grid lines. Common settings for this grid setting are usually 5 or 10 time as wide as the sub-increment setting. For example; you might choose 1 per inch for the primary grid and 10 per inch for the sub-increment setting, or you could choose 10 mm or 20mm for the primary grid and 2 mm for the sub-increment grid.              Introduction / Instructions